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Lime and Mascarpone Sorbet

Okay - yesterday I must have been tired as I called this lemon sorbet but it is in fact lime, I know this because I used 5 of them!

Well, it's very sad but I don't possess an ice cream scoop. Anyway, whatever this sorbet really is limey, zesty and all in all very, very nice. Every time I stirred it I had to try it - as you do to make sure it was going to be okay!!

Here's what you need:

750ml of Water

350g Golden Caster Sugar

Juice and zest of 5 limes

250g Mascarpone Cheese

How to do it:

Put the water and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil. Stir in the lime zest and leave to cool completely.

Now stir in the mascarpone and pour into a plastic container (big enough to enable you to mix with a blender a bit later on) and put in the freezer.

Fear not, that this looks really horrid at this stage as the cheese doesn't seem to mix in very well and sits in globs looking altogether quite nasty!

After two hours remove from the freezer and give it a good stir bringing the more frozen bits to the center. Now give it a good whiz with a hand blender - you will find by now the mascarpone will mix in and it will look much more like it ought to.

After a further hour repeat the stirring and mixing bit again.

At this stage, you must transfer it to a plastic container with a lid so it can be stored in your freezer until you need to. If you leave it much longer it will have frozen and you won't be able to transfer it without it becoming messy looking.

When it's well on the way to being frozen give it one last stir, no need to bother with the hand blender bit this time.

When you need to serve it just remove it from the freezer and put into the fridge for about 5 to 10 mins beforehand.

Da da!! Yummy, yummy lime sorbet!


  1. Jan, this would be so Lime-aciously soothing on a hot summer day!

  2. I love lime!! This would be so nice - if it ever warms up here, that is!

  3. Thanks Peter - I've got you back on your blog on 'Trout' lol

  4. Ohh, that looks incredibly refreshing Jan. I was in your favourite haunt today, marks and sparks. I got some really yummy fruit salad!! Couldn't spend too much time in there as Todd was frothing at the mouth to get home! He just does not get the same high from walking around a grocery store that I do!

  5. I like the sound of using mascarpone cheese in sorbet or ice cream. I will have to try it. It is starting to warm up. I will have to dig out the ice cream maker.

  6. Hi Jan!

    I found you buzzing my page on foodbuzz, and thanks that this let me meet you :)

    I was looking through your blog, and had to stop on "Lime & Mascarpone Sorbet" post!

    It DO sounds mouthwatering :D

    I 'must' try this as soon as possibile :)

    I'm happy to meet you...
    Best wishes from Istanbul...


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