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Pan Fried Bacon, Halloumi Cheese and Balsamic Dressed Leaves......

We don't usually have a starter in the week before our dinner, but I went to Waitrose (a rather nice supermarket) today and saw some scallops.........I LOVE scallops and bacon.
But the husband does not. So I bought me some scallops and him some Halloumi cheese. I did say there was an overdose of cheese in this house today!
I pan fried the bacon until it was almost done then added the Halloumi cheese. The salad leaves I dressed in balsamic vinegar.


  1. Jan, I just saw halloumi over at Kalofagas and now here. I gotta go buy one. Lucky you to have a Waitrose nearby, the closes one to us is about 25 miles and I know they deliver but it's just not the same as browsing the aisles.


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