Filter Coffee Machine Review - Aldi's Brunch Week Range

This week I've been trying out this Filter Coffee Maker from Aldi.  Whilst it's not all singing and dancing it does a great job of making coffee and at a good temperature too which of course is the main thing.  Perfect for a lazy bank holiday weekend as it has an automatic 'keep warm' function which ensures your coffee is nice and hot and the hotplate stays on to keep the coffee hot until the machine is switched off.

For safety the machine turns off automatically after a while.  The instructions don't say how long it is before it turns off but I've found it to be after an hour. I tested it and found the coffee to be (82.5°C) so it's just right.  I've had a more expensive coffee machine in the past which at best only produced lukewarm coffee which of course isn't a good thing.

Aldi Filter Coffee Machine

It's really easy to use; just fill the water tank with the desired amount of water- the number of cups is clearly displayed.

Add ground coffee to the filter holder and make sure the glass jug is on the hotplate. Switch on and your coffee drips through into the glass jug.

The Station Inn - Marshbook Church Stretton - Review

Now it has to be said I do love a good bit of steak.  Whenever we go out, for me it has to be steak. But the trouble is finding somewhere that serves quality steak and someone that also knows how to cook it.

I've eaten steak in many places and have even had steak cooked by Marco Pierre White when I went on a food blogger day to his restaurant next to Chelsea's football ground and I've always said that was the best steak ever; but that was until Friday night when we were invited to dine at The Station Inn, Marshbrook, Church Stretton and I have to tell you this place is something else........

Seriously, I mean CHECK OUT this for a flat iron steak!

Flat Iron Steak

My steak was cooked to perfection and although I was about to order rump steak since I always think it has more flavour than say sirloin but Richard who obviously knows his stuff when it comes to meat and cooking suggested I try the flat iron.  Now, I've never fancied the look of flat iron steak as when raw it always looks to me like there's a tad too much fat running through it; which I know as far as steak goes is meant to be a good thing.  Anyway, feeling confident that the butcher would know best, I agreed to having flat iron steak.

Gousto Food Boxes - do the recipes really work?

There are a few online recipe box delivery people out there and I've tried many of them.  But when it comes to the actual recipes I say Gousto have nailed it.  I'm really not meaning to sound like an advert, I'm just saying.  I once joined in a 'Cookalong' with Toshiba and Gousto and their Persian Halloumi recipe has been made loads ever since in this house.

You know how it is, you see a recipe in a book and have a go at making it but most times it never actually looks quite the same as the picture in the book; well they don't for me anyway!  But I've found Gousto recipes really do work and yes these are my own photos and I can tell you they turned out the same as the picture supplied on the recipe card in the box.  Be sure to keep reading this post as I have a special DISCOUNT code for my readers 😃

This Curried Chicken with Sultana Rice with Indian Carrot Slaw was really easy to make as was the other recipe in the box; Chicken Red Pepper and Lemongrass Curry.  More importantly they were both were really tasty too. We especially liked the first one with the Indian carrot slaw 😋

Gousto deliver recipes boxes of 2 meals for either 2 or 4 people. Everything in the box was nice and fresh.  Dry ingredients for your chosen recipes are all measured out all you need to do is peel some veg, chop or grate and follow the recipe card supplied.

Induction Granite Enamel Ovenware from Judge - Review

I must tell you about my two latest kitchen lovelies both from Judge Cookware; the Induction Granite Enamel Ovenware range.

First up is this Induction Granite Enamel Bake Pan (JS06) which is made from heavy grade steel with an enamel coating.  As it doesn't claim to be non-stick I have to be honest wondered if it would be up to the job of turning out perfect roast potatoes, but as you can see it was and my roasties didn't stick at all. Happy me 😃

Roast Potatoes in Enamel Dish from Judge Cookware

It's a good size too at 32cm x 19cm although there are larger versions available.  A chicken fits in nicely as does a joint of beef.  Of course and can be used for loads of other things besides roasties.   Dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 240°C

Review of Lyons Coffee Bags - Fresh Ground Coffee in a Bag

Lyons coffee bags are just like tea bags but with coffee, so you can have a nice cup of roasted coffee pretty much anytime and anywhere.  Just add freshly boiled water, stir, and allow to brew for three to four minutes until the coffee is as strong as you like it to be.

Having given these a go I say they're great for everyday convenience and for taking to work.  Also I'm thinking if you like to enjoy a cuppa of your favourite coffee brand whilst away on holiday, coffee bags are brilliant since they take up hardly any space as apposed to a bulky jar of coffee.

Lyons Coffee Bag in a Cup

We both like that each coffee bag is individually wrapped in foil so each cup you make is nice and fresh.  Now although I'm not a coffee drinker but Paul (the husband) is, so it was over to him to taste test.

The verdict?  Yep he says they really do taste good and he particularly likes the No. 3 - Rich and Full Bodied.

So will we buy these in the future?  Yes we will, very convenient and most of all the coffee tastes good.

Ciabatta with Chicken Chorizo Red Pepper and Melted Cheese

I love reading menus; I can't for the life of me read a book of any description, unless of course it has something to do with food.  I can sit and read cookery books and menus all day long.  Oh and maps! Yes maps, I LOVE reading maps.  Possibly I could be the next brain of Britain when it comes to knowing where most places are; very bothering I know 😨

Anyway, never mind all that!  The other week I went out for lunch with some good friends to the Novello Lounge in Southwater, Telford and the menu had so many delicious sounding dishes to choose from so we all took a while to decide what to have......

Ciabatta with Chicken Chorizo Red Pepper and Melted Cheese

But then I spied with my little eye; Chicken & Chorizo Panini with with red peppers, spinach and pimento soft cheese and that's just my kind of thing.  Yes, yes, I know it's probably not the healthiest thing to eat but hey ho it sounded good!

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg - Giveaway

I can't believe how quickly it comes round but yes it's very nearly Easter again and Hotel Chocolat have added a couple of new flavours to their Extra Thick Chocolate Easter Egg range.  As well as traditional flavours like Caramel, Milk, and Dark, there are now Patisserie and Rare & Vintage flavours to choose from.

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg

Having been sent one to try; I chose the Just Milk (shown below) because it's has two of my favorites; Salted Caramel Cream and Salted Macadamia.

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg contents

Once again the lovely people over at Hotel Chocolat are giving one lucky reader of this blog the chance to win an Extra Thick Easter Egg worth £27.00

Check out the Extra Thick Easter Egg range; which would be your favorite?  Now since we are a little bit on the late side for a giveaway I can't promise you will have a choice of which egg for the range you would prefer; however Hotel Chocolat will of course do their best but it does depend on availability.  Please check the full terms and conditions below.

Simple Salad of Tomatoes and Onions with Lemon Caper Dressing

Lemon infused olive oil is good, I mean really good; but what can it be used for?  Well, lemon linguine for one thing, or how about over quinoa,couscous or bulgur wheat, or how about a lemon polenta olive oil cake?

Having been kindly sent a bottle from Italia Regina; an online Italian food company that sources quality ingredients from Italy and delivers them to your door here in the UK, I wondered what I should make.

Tomato and Onion Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing

I was sent both the Lemon-infused Olive Oil from Marchesi along with a bottle of Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar.  Italia Regina's delivery service was excellent with the items very well packaged.
I love the bottles so much so I really didn't want to open them; but of course I had to in order to try them!
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