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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Stellar Portable Induction Hob - Video

Regular readers would have already seen my review of the Stellar Portable Touch Control Induction Hob.  But here, in this short video I'll show you how fast is at getting to a high temperature.  And how to make a nice Toasted Cheese Sandwich, without the need to buy a fancy sandwich toaster, so this is indeed a Money Saving Tip too!

If you look at it like this, take the cost of a sandwich toaster off of the price of this Induction Hob and what's already a good price, becomes a real Billy bargain!

Where to buy:
Harts Of Stur, Amazon and all good cook-shops.  

Many thanks to Pam and Stellar Cookware for sending me this induction hob model SEA22
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself. 

Friday, 31 May 2013

Thai Red Curry Foam - Cream Whipper Video

Cream Whippers are not all about Cream!  There are so many more amazing things you can do with them once you've mastered using it.  That said, they are not at all difficult to use, it's just about getting your recipe right.  

At first my Thai red curry foam either set too much or didn't set enough.  But I wasn't going to let a cream whipper get the better of me, so I now have the recipe perfected.  I'm still learning new things but in my video I'll show you how to use one and just a couple of things you can create with a cream whipper.

My video shows how to make a cold Thai Red Curry Foam that's great for serving as a starter by adding a few Prawns and there's Fizzy Fruit!
I've also mastered edible coffee but I'll show you that later on in this blog.

Soft Touch Cream Whipper 500ml:
Now, there are many cream whippers out there to choose from, but it has to be said very few are as stylish as this one by YOKO Design.
This good-looking Soft Touch Cream Whipper is available in bright green, bright orange or black.

Smooth and soft to the touch, perfect for vegetable or fruit mousses, sauces, and hot or cold creams.  The cream whipper comes with three innovative nozzles, so you can be as creative as you like.  Everything is easy to clean with the bottle brush provided.
Requires nitrous oxide gas cartridges (not included in the box) but sold separately.  It is made from aluminium and is rubber coated.

Apologies in advance for my not too professional video! 

*If the video doesn't show on your device it can be found here.

My recipe for Thai Red Curry Foam can be printed by clicking on the icon below.

A short while ago I reviewed the YOKO Design Silicone Cooking Bag, Popcorn Maker and Omelette Cooker - you can find my post and video here.  
YOKO Design products can be purchased from Emporium Direct over at Amazon.

Many thanks to Sergio at YOKO Design for sending me this amazing cream whipper.
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Microplane® Elite in Action - Video Review

 Now this really is a must have gadget for any cook in the kitchen.
The Microplane Elite easily removes the zest from citrus fruit and makes grating hard cheese such as Parmesan a doddle.
  The Stainless steel blade is razor sharp and non-clogging.  The safety guard doubles up to catch grated food and has an handy measure guide too.
Soft touch handle and non-slip rubber for stability.  The Microplane is dishwasher safe, but the guard must be hand washed.

    Available in black, purple, red and green and with three different blades - Fine, Extra Course and Ribbon there's one for every grating job in the kitchen!
Having been kindly sent one to review, I thought it best to try it for the very first time in a video review.  I have to say I'm totally impressed with it.  Zesting a lemon really is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

For more information on this and other products please pop over to

Thank you to Pam and for sending me one to review.

All opinions and thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of and would buy myself. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Krups Twin Blade Coffee Mill and Spice Grinder - Video Review

A fantastic piece of kit for anyone that loves coffee, or for anyone that wants to grind spices.  
Krups sell this as a coffee mill, but when you see the box you'll notice they call it a coffee mill/spice grinder.  It really does grind spices in just a few seconds as you will see for yourself when you watch my video below. 
Coriander seeds, fennel and cumin seeds are no problem for it at all. 
Coriander seeds are very hard and you really will need a grinder to get them to a powder.  This did the job perfectly.

 I was surprised how quickly it ground the coriander seeds to powder.
I didn't buy it for grinding coffee and so I haven't even tried although I'm sure it would do a fantastic job.  Although the blade isn't removable it is still easy to clean - just brush it out with a brush.
 Obviously once you've used it for grinding spices you won't want to use it for coffee!