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Monday, 15 December 2014

Donald Russell Delivery and an Interactive Turkey Guide

Donald Russell is well known for it's great quality meat, poultry and seafood but also their extensive range of other fantastic foods too.  In fact Donald Russell the butcher has a Royal Warrant to supply gourmet meat to Buckingham Palace.  Ordering from them is easy online or you can also order by phone, email or fax.

I was recently sent a Free Range Turkey Crown along with some Pigs in Blankets.  Turkeys from Donald Russell  are Free-Range turkeys, from the LouĂ© farmers of France.  Slow-grown turkey fed on natural cereal-based diet.  The great thing with a turkey crown is there isn't any waste - if you're not keen on drumsticks (dark meat) then a turkey crown is the way to go.  A crown is also really easy to carve too.
I received a small turkey crown that says it will serve 4-5 people - well I'm sure it would, but there wouldn't have enough leftover for turkey sandwiches so I'd recommend ordering a larger one since turkey sandwiches are always a good thing especially on Boxing Day or for that matter for leftover Turkey Curry.

The pigs in blankets (chipolatas wrapped in streaky bacon) were the best we've ever tasted.  Fantastic quality too, meaty and in no way greasy.  All Donald Russell meat is sourced, where possible, from local suppliers or reputable farms across the UK by their experienced team of buyers.
You may well wonder why there isn't a picture of the cooked turkey - well I have to admit as soon as it arrived (frozen) I automatically put it straight into the freezer without thinking that I was supposed to have cooked it for this review.  I am sure it will be delicious once cooked on Christmas day.

Turkey size and Breed:
If you're not sure which size Turkey you need or can't decide between a whole bird or a crown to order pop over and take a look at Donald Russell's Interactive Turkey Guide.

Delivery and Packaging:
All items are professionally shock frozen and arrive very well packed in a polystyrene box with bubble wrap and packs of dry ice.

I was told my delivery would arrive on Friday and I received an email telling me how to track my parcel.  I was impressed as I discovered that my turkey would arrive between 1.15pm and 2.15pm and I could even request a to receive a text message when I was to be the drivers next stop - Marvelous!
However, by 4pm I discovered by looking couriers online  tracking service that my delivery was delayed and that it wouldn't arrive until Monday - well I know it's well packaged but the poor turkey and sausages wouldn't remain frozen that long - dry ice wouldn't save them that long.
Fantastic Service from Donald Russell Customer Service!
And so, I rang Donald Russell and couldn't fault the brilliant service I received.  There was genuine concern that my package hadn't arrived and the woman I spoke to said she would see what could be done about it still being delivered that day.  Less than 15 minutes later she rang back but said that unfortunately the delivery people (an outside company that Donald Russell use) were so behind with deliveries and that it would certainly be delivered the next day.

I was concerned that the turkey would have started to defrost but since the packaging was so good it arrived still frozen solid despite that by now the pack of dry ice had evaporated.  However, the pigs in blankets had de-frosted and although they were ice cold they of course couldn't be re-frozen.
No worries for me since I was going to cook the next day but had they have been for Christmas this wouldn't have been good.

Please note:
With all that said, of course none of this was any fault whatsoever of Donald Russell - the product was packaged very well and even had a big green note on the outside instructing the courier company  'Perishable Goods - DO NOT return to depot - MUST be delivered or ring this number'.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Giveaway - Free-Range Christmas Turkey Box

How do you fancy having Christmas Dinner sorted - sounds good?  Then read on....
You may remember a short while ago I reviewed a Meat Box from Meat Porter which I found to be faultless and fantastic quality - I'm sure their Christmas Turkey Box will be equally as good.
Well the lovely people over at Meat Porter are supplying a Free-Range Turkey Box as a giveaway!

I also have a Discount Code so if you would like to place an order from Meat Porter readers can receive 20% off of any Christmas Box by entering the code MERRYCHRISTMAS

About the Prize:
There is one prize of a Turkey Box - worth £79.00 and contains the following:
1 x 4.5-5kg Free Range East Anglian Bronze Turkey with Giblets
1 x 1lb British Smoked Streaky Bacon
1 x 16 Classic British Premium Pork Chipolatas
1 x 500g Premium British Sausagemeat Stuffing
1 x 150g Free Range British Goose Fat
1 x Recipe book and cooking guidelines
Serves 7-8

All pork products are from  outdoor-bred, out-door reared, Free-Range, rare-breed pigs from Lakehaven farm in Devon.

Important Information Please Read BEFORE Entering:

There are a small handful of postcodes that Meat Porter can NOT deliver to:
Meat Porter delivers everywhere in Great Britain, with the exception of the postcodes below:
IV, KW, AB, PA40, Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland.

The winner can choose delivery on either Saturday 20th or Tuesday 23rd December ONLY - If you are the winner I will ask your preferred date.  These dates can NOT be changed so please be sure you can be home to receive the delivery if you are the lucky winner. 

How to Enter - Entries must be via the Rafflecopter widget:
Please be sure to read the important information above and the delivery terms. To see a short video on how easy it is to use Rafflecopter click here.
*Inappropriate comments will be deleted and entry/entries to the competition removed as will anyone that says they have left a blog post comment but really hasn't! 
For information on how to find the URL of your tweet click here - Entries that do not show the URL of the Tweet will be removed.
There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries, including bonus daily entries.
Competition end time is as shown on the Rafflecopter widget along with the terms and conditions.

Disclaimer:  I will also receive a Turkey Box from Meat Porter for running this giveaway. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Thermapen Thermometer - Review

Checking the temperature of any kind of poultry is always a good thing to do for health and safety reasons.  But it's also good to know that your Christmas turkey or that beef joint is cooked to perfection and doesn't end up under or overcooked and dried out.   All you need is a good digital thermometer to check food is properly cooked but without all the prodding and poking every five minutes.  

Of course checking the temperature isn't all about meat and poultry, according to experts, the secret to Plum Pudding perfection on Christmas Day is to reheat it to precisely 71°C.  Any hotter than 89°C and the sugar within the fruits begins to caramelise and no matter how luxurious its ingredients, your pudding will taste bitter.

I'm a big fan of digital thermometers and I always use one to check if meat or poultry is cooked.  Having been sent the Thermapen® I must say I think it's brilliant and extra fast at displaying a precise reading in just three seconds.  

I have a few different digital thermometers and in my opinion this is by far the best.   Okay the price is more expensive than the others I own but I'd say this one in particular is really worth investing in.  It's sturdy and is very well made.  

Thermapen is made in Britain and each comes serial number on the back and a Manufacturer's Certificate of Calibration which if filled in by hand.  Guaranteed to be accurate to + or - 0.4c with a range of -49.9 to 299.9c

The digital display is large and easy to read and the manufactures say the biomaster casing reduces bacterial growth.  The case is splash-proof and it's really easy to use, there are no buttons or switches to press and it's comfortable to hold in your hand.  Just unfold, probe by inserting at least 3mm to get an accurate temperature reading. 
Available in a wide range of colours and comes with a two year guarantee.

Great for all meat and poultry dishes, baking and jamming - at the time of writing the Thermapen costs £57.60 pop over to for more details.
Many thanks to Jo and Thermapen for sending me this product to review.
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of and therefore would buy myself.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Giveaway - Seasonal Box including Free Range Bronze Turkey

 The very kind people from Knorr are once again giving away (to one lucky reader) a fantastic Christmas Seasonal Food Box supplied by Forman and Field. Imagine winning a Free Range Bronze Turkey, and other lovely gourmet food along with Knorr Chicken Gravy Pots to make delicious fuss-free gravy.
You can finish the dinner off with a luxury mince pie and a glass of dessert wine! 
The Christmas Seasonal Box will contain the following:

Free Range Turkey from Seldom Seen Farm 4.5-5.5kg
Longman's Farm Butter 250g
Emmett's Mild Cure Back Bacon 250g
Forman and Field Christmas Stuffing 500g
A Selection of Fresh Herbs
1 Orange
12 Luxury Mince Pies
Chapel Down Nectar Dessert Wine 50cl
2 Knorr Chicken Gravy Pots

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Turkey Curry - Easy Boxing Day Meal

With loads of leftover turkey from Christmas - what to do on Boxing day?  
Make a nice curry of course!

Nothing tricky, just a quick dinner ready in less than 30 minutes that looks good and tastes good too.  You can of course make this at any time during the year with leftover chicken from the Sunday roast.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Cooking Ideas and Recipes for a Perfect Christmas

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it's about time we all got a grip of what we're doing about the food!  Here are just a few ideas of nice things to serve before, with and after your Christmas dinner.

Starting with the Starter! 
Now this is too easy to do and can be put together in next to no time.

If you’re having Turkey, what size do you need?
Based on about 500g per person:
6-8 people: 4kg turkey
8-10 people: 5kg turkey
10-12 people: 6kg turkey

If you’re getting a big one – do you have room in your oven?  The tray you’re thinking of cooking it in may not fit your oven - yes that happened to me last year so it’s worth checking that now!  

I always aim to have too much turkey for sandwiches later on in the evening.  If you have way too much left, you can always make a curry on Boxing Day or even freeze some.  
The website ‘British Turkey’ has defrosting times, cooking times and how to carve your turkey so that’s worth having a look at. 

I always like to have a nice bit of pork loin or gammon too.  Last year I baked cured pork loin with Madeira and Honey Glaze

The Vegetables: 
Flavoured butters can be made in advance as they will keep for a couple of months in the freezer.  I particularly like Jamie Oliver’s flavoured butter with Crispy Bacon, Chestnut and Sage.

Or you might fancy Jamie’s Thyme,Cumin and Orange Butter to add to carrots.  Now that’s really nice! 

Not everyone likes Christmas pudding, so if you fancy something different, what about a nice Dark Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake with Grand Marnier?

What about these Tiny Toblerone Cheesecakes?

Served with a Liqueur Coffee perhaps?

I hope this post has given you a few ideas. Happy Christmas Everyone! 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Leftover Christmas Turkey Curry - MPW Recipe for Knorr

Marco Pierre White has come up with a lovely mild curry recipe using up any leftover Turkey you might have this Christmas.  This exclusive new recipe by Marco won't be available on the Knorr website until December, but I can share it with you now!
 Don't forget Marco has a great range of other recipes over at the Knorr Recipe page on their site. 
 Personally, I'm not a huge fan of fruity curries, but this one was actually really very nice indeed and all the fruit in it has to be good for you!  It's really easy to make and of course you can use leftover chicken if you wish.
Print Marco's Recipe courtesy of Marco Pierre White for Knorr
As of 1st December you will be able to watch Marco making this recipe and get top tips on cooking over at the Knorr website.
I was very kindly sent a truly amazing Seasonal Box from Forman and Field courtesy of Knorr.  Containing not only a Free Range Kelly Bronze Turkey but loads more Fantastic Christmas food!

A BIG thank you to Knorr, Jen and Neil for the fantastic seasonal boxes I've been sent over the past months and the great day we spent with Marco Pierre White.  And of course to Forman and Field for supplying such great food!