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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Optimum ThermoCook - Mini Review

Thanks to ThermoCook it's beginning to look like I'm redundant in my own kitchen!  Let me tell you about this truly amazing piece of kit; introducing the Optimum ThermoCook Professional Cooking Assistant!  When I was asked if I'd like a ThermoCook all of my own I almost fell off the chair; I mean this is  seriously an excellent state of the art piece of kitchen equipment.  It's not only stylish but it's smaller than I imagined it to be, which is great since our kitchen is really tiny.

Oh yes, the ThermoCook is a cooking lovers dream come true.  Of course it's not that I or anyone else can't cook, but the ThermoCook makes everything so much easier. 

There's so much I have to tell you but it would mean this post would go on forever, so I intend to write a series of posts covering the many different tasks the ThermoCook can do.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Roasted Cauliflower and Cheese Soup

With Autumn weather now full swing there's nothing like a nice bowl of steaming hot creamy soup.  Of course once the cauliflower has roasted this soup can be made in a saucepan and the blended with a stick blender but I prefer to use my Power Blender since there's no messing about with extra pots and gadgets, which means there's less to wash up!

If you've never roasted cauliflower before why haven't you?!  Roasting cauliflower gives it a delicious sweetness that tastes so good you'll wonder why you didn't try it before.

Roasting pan used is the ScanPan

The Froothie Optimum 9200 Power Blender even heats the soup too; so the whole thing from start to finish can be made using the blender alone.  Running on high speed the blades rotate 44,000 rpm which creates friction heat and the Optimum 9200 will raise the contents of the jug by 4 degrees every 30 seconds.  In order to make hot soup it has to be running for approximately 5 to 6 minutes depending on the amount of vegetables in the jug.  Check out my review - it really is a seriously amazing piece of kit and the build quality is second to none. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Carrot and Ginger Soup - Made using the Optimum 9200 Power Blender

When reading the Optimum 9200 Next Generation Power Blender could make hot soup by friction heat alone (caused by the fast spinning blades) my thinking was it would be lukewarm at best.  As it turns out I was wrong. 

Running on high speed the blades rotate 44,000 rpm which creates friction heat and the Optimum 9200 will raise the contents of the jug by 4 degrees every 30 seconds.  In order to make hot soup it has to be running for approximately 5 to 6 minutes depending on the amount of vegetables in the jug.   

Can you see the steam coming from my soup?!

Check out my review of the Optimum 9200 Power Blender - it is a seriously amazing blender.

Print Recipe

To make 2-3 bowls of soup you will need:
4 large carrots - peeled and cut into chunks
1 drop of Holy Lama ginger extract spice drops
100ml of vegetable stock made from half of a Knorr stock cube dissolved in boiling water (you can use chicken stock if you're not vegetarian)
a small pinch of sea salt and black pepper to taste

How to do it:
Throw the peeled and chopped carrots along with just 1 drop of Holy Lama Ginger Extract Spice Drops into your Optimum 9200 Power Blender and blend on high for about 30 seconds - you will need to use the tamper tool just so they don't get stuck.  Now add about 50ml of the hot stock.  Remove the tamper tool and pop on the lid.  Leave to blend for 5 to 6 minutes. 
Check the consistency and add more of the stock if you think it needs it.  Your soup should be nice and hot and ready to serve.  Have a taste and adjust the seasoning.

Take a look at the Official Optimum Next Generation 9200 website to see what else these power blenders can do.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  Buying through my affiliate link will not cost you anything.  I will earn a small percentage from the sale.  I only endorse products that I use and love!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Vegetable and Barley Soup

A good bowl of soup is always a good thing and a great way to eat lots of lovely veg if you are someone that usually doesn't.  Add pearl barley and I say this soup just has to be good for you.  Pearl barley is similar to wheat in its caloric, protein, vitamin and mineral content and is great for adding to soups and stews.

Vegetable and Barley Soup

Pearl barley does take a bit of cooking though so you will need to rinse it then into a saucepan with plenty of cold water.  Cover with a lid, bring to a boil for 10 minutes then reduce the heat and simmer for about 20-25 minutes or until tender before adding to your soup.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spicy Red Pepper and Sweet Paprika Soup

Rich, vibrant, thick and creamy warming soup is perfect for these cold 'almost winter' like days.  Homemade soup is really easy to make and the best thing is you can make up your own flavours combinations.  With good quality ingredients soup takes no time at all to make especially in a soup maker. 

Make the best of those bargains you see in your local supermarket or better still your local farm shop or greengrocer. Whether you use a soup maker to do the work for you, or manually cook your soup and then blend with a stick (immersion) blender is up to you.  I used a soup maker by Judge Cookware and the result was excellent.  Soup can be frozen too so you always have some ready for for lunch on those lazy do nothing days.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Giveaway - Breakfast for Dinner Book

 I'm sure we've all had Breakfast for Dinner before now, but this book is packed full of amazing recipes and pictures that seriously make you hungry!
There are too many nice recipes to choose from, but I'm loving the Greek Baked Eggs, Beer Braised Short Ribs and Bacon Fried Rice.  
But then again, what about the Sunny-Side-Up Burgers (shown on the front cover) juicy burgers piled high with sweet apricot preserve and crispy shoestring potatoes and an egg.....Oh yes, I'll have one of those please!

 I have a copy of this book to giveaway to one lucky reader of A Glug of Oil....
 I've kindly been a copy to review and permission to post a few pictures from the book so you know what I'm raving about - I think you'll agree this book is a must have for anyone fancying Breakfast for Dinner.

 From Goats Cheese Monte Cristos, Breakfast Pizza, Espresso Baked Beans, Chicken & Biscuit Waffles, Bloody Mary Tomato Soup, Maple- Glazed Pork Meatballs and Mini BLT Biscuits to these mouthwatering delights below.

Don't just take my word for it!  
You can read another review of this book by popping over to see what Janice has to say over at Farmers Girl Kitchen.

 Chocolate Brownie Waffles with Blackberry Sauce
      How about Bacon Jam?
 Or Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes perhaps?
Cornflake-Crusted Chicken Tenders - a great one for the kids
The recipe for Cornflake-Crusted Chicken Tenders can be found here but for the rest you'll just have to enter the competition and hope you win, or buy the book!

Written by Lindsay Landis and her husband Taylor Hackbarth.
You can visit the authors website Love and Olive Oil
Hardback book, published by Quirk Books
Available to buy now in all good book shops and over at Amazon - also available is the Kindle Edition.

Thank you to Mat at PGUK Publishers Group (UK) for sending a copy of this book to review and supplying a giveaway copy.

Now for the Competition!
Entries must be via the Rafflecopter widget and the prize can only be sent to a UK or Ireland postcode.
 To see a short video on how easy it is to use Rafflecopter click here.
*Inappropriate comments will be deleted and entry/entries to the competition removed.  
 For information on how to find the URL of your tweet click here.
There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries, including bonus daily entries.
Competition end time is as shown on the Rafflecopter widget. 
**Open to UK and Ireland ONLY**
Good Luck Everyone!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

One Pot Cooking with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Last week I was very kindly invited along with around 15 other people including food bloggers and food journalists and Knorr representatives to a 'One Pot Cooking' Masterclass by Marco Pierre White.
Marco showed us how a Knorr stock pot doesn't have to be diluted with water, just use your imagination.....
Depending of course on what you're cooking, you can use fresh carrot, apple, or prune juice either on their own or in a combination with wine or cider.
Knorr stock pots are quite marvelous things!  If you've never tried them before you really should give them a go.  There's no need to faff about making your own stock ever again as they really do taste like 'proper' stock.
In just a couple of minutes you have freshly made stock to use in any recipe requiring stock. 
Marco first made Pumpkin Soup which was delicious.
   Instead of water he used freshly made carrot juice to dilute the vegetable Knorr stock pots.  He pointed out that shop brought carrot juice isn't the same due to the antioxidants they add which alter the flavour.....So now I need a juicer!
   After we'd all eaten the soup we went back into the kitchen to watch Marco make a lovely Asparagus Risotto:
The risotto was totally yummy and we all loved his idea of adding the peelings of the asparagus to the pan with the Knorr stock pot as it was brought to heat to add even more flavour.
 He then passed it through a sieve to remove the unwanted peelings and then used the stock in the usual manner.  It may not sound too amazing but it really makes a difference to the stock pot adding another depth of flavour.

Marco explained how by adding flavours in layers as you cook you a much more professional, tastier dish will be the end result.
Marco added the precooked asparagus tips at the very end of cooking, resulting in a greener fresher taste and look. 
    Now, as if we hadn't all had enough to eat, we once again returned to the kitchen to watch Marco make a really easy creamy Roast Chicken Casserole!
Of course using roast chicken will always result in a much more tasty casserole.  You can of course use the same recipe but make it into a pie for a change.  Two recipes in one!
As he made the recipe he wrote it down for us although you can find the recipe for this and many more over at Knorr.
The chicken casserole was made in no time at all and now it was time for us to try it.....
 Well I didn't meet anyone that found any fault with it - total yum on a plate!
As Marco said, don't be worried about experimenting in the kitchen and remember you don't have to follow any recipe to the last detail.
Don't be afraid to try new things.  Cooking should be fun!
  A massive thank you to Jen and Neil for inviting me along to my second Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr - I loved every minute of it and picked up lots of tips too.
I'll leave you with a few more photos of the day - Click on Continue Reading to view them:

Friday, 25 March 2011

Leek and Carrot Soup

 I've had this recipe written down for an age but have only just got round to making it.  I now can't remember where I found the original recipe, so I'm unable to give the person or book a mention and give credit to them.
What I can tell you is it was delicious!  The addition of oregano I think really sets it off.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Roasted Butternut and Cumin Soup with Crispy Chorizo

Slightly sweet and nicely spiced roasted butternut soup with crispy smokey chorizo. 
Get yourself a great big butternut squash today - and give it a go!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mulligatawney Soup

Just the thing for this freezing cold and snowy weather we're having here in the UK at the moment. A lovely curry flavoured soup with rice and beef.
There are so many variations of Mulligatawney soup you would not believe!
This is Gordon Ramsay's version, to which I added a good handful of cooked and finely chopped roast beef left over from the Sunday roast. I also used medium heat curry powder and not mild - I like a bit of heat!

Print this Recipe

His book says to add 150g cooked rice but I think that must be a printing error as it would end up like porridge. We really liked this recipe but when I make it again, I will use beef stock as I think the colour would have been more to the kind of Mulligatawney soup I've had in the past.

To serve 4 you will need:

a big knob of butter

2 onions - peeled and chopped

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

3 tbsp tomato purée
2 or 3 tbsp of curry powder - medium heat
a good handful of finely diced and cooked beef - left over from the Sunday roast

2 tbsp plain flour
2 or 3 tbsp ginger - grated
1 green apple - peeled and grated

400ml chicken stock

400ml tin of coconut milk

60g cooked long grain rice

To Serve:

a few fresh coriander leaves

a dollop of sour cream for each bowl

chunks of nice freshly baked bread

How to make it:
Melt the butter in a pan and add the onions and some seasoning. Cook the onions for about 10 minutes, until they begin to soften,
but don't let them colour too much.Add the tomato purée, curry powder and the flour. Cook for 2 minutes, stirring frequently, until it smells delicious.
Now add the ginger and apple and stir over a high heat for a few minutes.
Deglaze the pan with the stock, scraping the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon to remove any bits.
Add the coconut milk and simmer until thickened.

Just before serving, add the rice and make sure it's nicely heated though and then season generously to taste.

Pour into bowls, add a dollop of soured cream and a few coriander leaves.
Now get the bread at the ready and dunk it in!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Nice and Spicy Tomato and Red Lentil Soup

Nice and spicy tomato and red lentil soup. The Cayenne pepper and crushed chillies really make this soup - don't try to make it without!

To make about 6 bowls you will need:

340g red lentils - get the ones that have no need to soak first

a good glug of olive oil
2 medium onions - diced
1 celery stalk - diced
4 cloves garlic - chopped finely
1 x 400g can of good quality tinned tomatoes
900 ml vegetable stock - made from 2 Knorr vegetable stock cubes
2 teaspoons of Tabasco sauce
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon cumin
1 and a half teaspoons cayenne pepper
1teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
a good pinch or two of crushed chillies - depending on your taste
Double cream to serve - if you want to be all fancy that is

How to do it:
Put the lentils and 900ml of water into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Now turn off the heat.
Put a lid ob the saucepan an leave the lentils covered for about 20 minutes to absorb some of the water.

While that's happening, heat the olive oil in big stockpot or large saucepan.
Add the onions, and cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes, until they are nice and soft. But be careful not to let them brown.

Now add the celery and garlic and cook for 5 minutes until soft.
Stir in the Tabasco, turmeric, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and crushed chillies. Let it cook just for 30 seconds whilst stirring so nothing burns. Now pour in the tomatoes along with their juice and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the vegetable stock and 250ml of water.
Cover and bring to a simmer - if you think the soup is too thick add a little more water.

Drain the lentils, discarding the water and add just over half of the lentils to the pot. Using a (stick) blender or a jug blender, puree the soup till nice and smooth.
Now you can add the remaining lentils to the pot.

Turn the heat back on and simmer for about 20 minutes till nice and hot.

Serve with a drizzle of double cream and a few chilli flakes and nice crusty bread.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Really Yummy Leek Onion and Potato Soup

Today I felt the need to make soup!

You will need - to serve 4:

3 leeks
- washed and sliced into 1 inch chunks
3 medium potatoes - peeled and cubed into 3/4 of an inch
1 medium onion - diced

50g butter

500ml chi
cken stock (has to be 'Knorr' says I as for some reason, 'Oxo' just is not the same for soup making)
250ml whole milk
salt and pepper to season

How to do it:

Melt the butter in a large saucepan. When the butter starts to foam, add the leeks, potatoes and onions. Keep the vegetables moving about until they are well coated with butter.
Add a little salt and a few grinds of pepper.

Now cover with a lid or some foil and let them cook over a gentle heat for about 15 minutes. You don't really want them to colour - just to cook through.

Meanwhile, put your kettle on to make the stock. When the vegetables are soft but not coloured add the stock and milk and continue to cook for about 10-15 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and nicely cooked through.

Have a taste to check for seasoning.

Now, let it cool a bit before you purée the soup in a blender or food processor. You may want to heat it up again in a clean saucepan, if you do then do so over a gentle heat taking care not to boil the soup.

Pour into bowls to serve. If you're going to be fancy like me, pour a little double cream into the middle of each bowl and top with a few snipped chives - getting posh aren't I?!!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cauliflower and Chorizo Soup

Scrummy yummy Cauliflower soup with Chorizo.

Just the thing on a cold day.