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Monday, 25 April 2016

Love Potatoes - Mozzarella, Plum Tomato and Roast Potato Salad

If you ask the question 'hands up who doesn't love potatoes'?  I expect not too many hands would be raised as I'd bet pretty much that everyone loves potatoes!

Whether it's proper roasties served with a traditional Sunday roast, or gorgeous new potatoes simply washed, skin on, boiled then served with a good knob of butter melted over the top.  Or how about Roasted with Crushed Garlic Cloves and Slices of Lemon, a sprinkling of Sea Salt to season?  Then just then dive in and enjoy.  

This Mozzarella, Plum Tomato and Roast Potato Salad recipe from Love Potatoes who have created a new selection of recipes for the spring season.  I was asked to have a go at making it and I must say it was really easy to make, lovely and colourful, healthy and more importantly, very tasty too.

As we all know, leaving the skins on potatoes means you are getting all the goodness of the potato, including fiber and vitamins which are found just under the skin.  This salad is packed full of vitamins from the added vegetables and watercress.  You can use pea-shoots which I would have loved to have done but could I buy any round here?  Sadly not, so watercress it was, which of course is still good.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pimped Potato Salad - Get Spicy!

Potato salad doesn't have to be bland and boring, you can pretty much add whatever takes your fancy. Having been sent French's new Spicy Mustard to try (it's their classic yellow mustard with a hint of cayenne pepper) my pimped potato salad happened.
Now, I'm not a fan of mild cheese, I much prefer extra matured Cheddar, but Red Leicester has a place here as it adds colour which can only be a good thing. That said, cheese in my opinion is always a good thing so why not add it to potato salad!

Simple to make in just minutes and perfect outdoor eating; great for picnics or as a side for BBQ's.  Or indeed whenever you feel the need for potato salad!

There's little point in giving a proper recipe since there's no such thing as 'proper' just add as much or little of the following as it depends on how many you're serving and how greedy everyone is!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Cheesy Beany Crock-Pot Potatoes and Digital Crock-Pot Giveaway

Crock-Pots or slow cookers have become really popular again, lets face it they are quite a marvelous invention.  They offer a very cheap way of cooking and dinner can be ready to eat as soon as you get home from work - no mess no fuss.  Now whenever you think of a meal cooked in a slow cooker you tend to think it's all stews and casseroles.  But you can actually cook certain foods wrapped in foil which of course means even less washing up as the crock-pot is as clean at the end as it was before any cooking began!

Cheesy Beany Potatoes in foil

Perfect for bonfire night or great for students these cheesy beany potatoes may not look amazing but let me tell you if you this was good!  Prepared in just five minutes then left to cook all day long while you're working or maybe you just have something else to do other than stand over a cooker. 
Lets face it baked beans are really good for you too, high in fibre and virtually fat-free which is probably just as well since these potatoes are loaded with cheese!

So since Crock-Pot are making October #Crocktober a slow cooking campaign, I was asked to make a recipe and was sent this Digital Crock-Pots and a Crock-Pot Food Warmer (a great little gadget that re-heats cooked food while you are in the office) just put the food into the bowl, plug in and 3 hours later your food will be piping hot and ready to eat.  Sadly I don't work in the kind of place where you are able to do that but if you do then it's ideal.


I love this Crock-Pot - the digital timer allows you to see how much longer you have till your food is ready and it auto switches to keep warm when it's done.  So no need to worry if you're running late.
Crock-Pot UK are supplying one of these rather nice Digital Crock-Pots and a Crock-Pot Food Warmer for my Giveaway.  But first here's my recipe for those cheesy beany potatoes. 

Print Recipe

To serve 4 you will need:
1kg new potatoes (I used Charlotte) cut into bite sized pieces
sea salt and black pepper
1 x 400g can Baked Beans
200g of Extra Matured Cheddar - grated
200g Red Leicester - grated
a sprinkling of Cayenne or Chilli powder

How to do it:
Lay two big sheets of good quality kitchen foil to form a cross.  Line the crock-pot with the foil - it needs to be big enough to be able to pull the sides up and to cover the potatoes.
Throw in the potatoes and season with sea salt and black pepper.  Now pour over the baked beans and stir very carefully taking care not to tear the foil.  
Add half of the cheese (saving the rest till later) and sprinkle a little cayenne or chilli powder.  

Pull the foil over to loosely cover the food.  Pop the lid on and switch on the Crock-Pot.  Cook for 8 hours on LOW add the rest of the cheese towards the end of cooking - say ten minutes before just giving it enough time to melt and then serve.

Now for the Giveaway!
As mentioned Crock-Pot UK are supplying a Digital Crock-Pot and a Crock-Pot Food Warmer which lucky reader of this blog will win.
How to Enter - Entries must be via the Rafflecopter widget:
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There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries, including bonus daily entries.
Competition end time is as shown on the Rafflecopter widget along with the terms and conditions.

Monday, 5 May 2014

BBQ Side Dish Idea - Sweet Potato Wedges with Harissa and Feta

Easy to make and a great side dish at any BBQ or just as a change from regular potato wedges or chips.  Sweetness from the potatoes and a little heat from the harissa, finishing with a nice tang from the slightly salty feta.  Don't be scared of harissa paste it's up to you how much you use and it's not over hot.

Come on!  Spice up your meal times and give these a go. 
I love rose harissa and I always buy the brand Belazu.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Patatas Bravas with Chicken and Chorizo

Oh my word you must give this a go, it was truly delicious.  Armed with no recipe whatsoever but knowing Patatas Bravas was a potato dish with a spicy tomato sauce I went for it.  

Spanish Recipe Patatas Okay, I've since discovered the potatoes ought to have been roasted or fried in olive oil - but hey ho this works and tastes good, so who cares! 
 Fancying more than just potatoes I added chicken and chorizo - always a winning combination in this house.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Over-Stuffed Cheesy Bacony Jacket Potatoes

Stuffed Jacket Potatoes with Melty Cheese, Tomatoes and Bacon Pieces - totally delicious. 
Great as a side dish or as a meal served with a nice green salad.
  So what variety of Potatoes should you use?
First off you must start with the right kind and size of potato.  You need a floury variety. Maris Piper, King Edward or Marfona will do the trick.  
Waxy potatoes just don't work. 

What's the difference between Waxy and Floury Potatoes?
Waxy potatoes are translucent and feel moist and pasty. They are good at staying firm and keeping their shape so make great salad potatoes.
Waxy Potato Varieties include: Charlotte and Maris Peer.

Floury potatoes are brighter and more granular in appearance with a drier feel. They're better for dishes such as jacket potatoes, chips and for mash.
Floury Potato Varieties include: Estima, King Edward, Maris Piper or Marfona.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Mozzarella and Parmesan Crispy Potatoes

Crispy edged potatoes, soft on the inside.  Topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan and nicely seasoned with a sprinkling of smoked Paprika. What's not to like?
Yes once again I'm using a disposable foil tray as it makes the job so much easier.  You can of course re-use them as I do - just pop them into the dishwasher or soak for a good while.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

How to Make - The Best Fondant Potatoes

Fondant potatoes are much easier to make than you might think.  They are just perfect for that special Valentine's Meal or Dinner Party and are a lovely change from an ordinary cooked potato.  I think I've seen almost every MasterChef tv series has at least 2 chefs that make them on each show! 

Serve with a nice Fillet Steak with a Blackberry and Port sauce, Chantenay carrots and green beans - then you can invite me to dinner 😊

How to make Fondant Potatoes

Crispy on top yet soft underneath from the Chicken stock they were cooked in.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Minced Beef Hotpot with Beetroot and a Nice Crispy Potato Top

If you're wondering what to have for dinner tonight, how about my minced beef hotpot with a layer of beetroot hiding underneath the lovely crispy potato top. 
The top layer of potatoes end up being nice and crispy, while the potatoes underneath have soaked up the lovely juices from below.
Making it up as I went along and having some cooked beetroot in the fridge, I thought what a marvelous idea it would be to add beetroot to my hotpot!

Well, it worked and I'll be making this again! 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Crispy Chunky Fish-Cakes with Tartare Sauce

You can't beat a nice chunky home-made fish cake served with Tartare sauce - again, home-made of course!
  Thick chunks of flaky fish coated with crispy crumbs - what's not to like?
These are big fat fish cakes and even greedy me couldn't eat two!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bombay-style Potatoes - Jamie's Great Britain

After seeing Jamie cook up 'Empire Roast Chicken' on the Channel 4 series 'Jamie's Great Britain' for his latest book of the same name, I just had to make it. It has to be said he comes up with some amazing ideas - these Bombay potatoes are the best! 

Bombay-Style Potatoes

Who can resist these?
Jamie said: "Ask any British person what their two favourite meals are and I reckon most people would say their mum's roast chicken, and a curry. Well, welcome to Empire Roast Chicken, a combination of both of those things. Your friends and family are going to love it. I love it. You will love it."
I agree with him, his Empire Roast Chicken was so, so good and will be my very next post. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Horseradish Mash with Caramelised Onions and Sausages

There's nothing like a good dollop of mashed potato to cheer anyone up!  
But the addition of horseradish turns into something amazing.  That alongside caramelised onions and some nice fat sausages and you're really talking! 
Good quality butchers sausages are vital - none of those 'low in fat' things with the meat so minced up you have no idea what it is - not for me anyway.
The secret to making proper caramelised onions is they can't be hurried or rushed in any way at all.
Long, slow cooking over a low heat without stirring for a good while is what makes the onions soft and releases the natural sugar in them.
The result will be nice, brown onions that are almost gooey. 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jamie's Dress the Board Steak with my Roughed up Chips

Yes you read right, roughed up chips is what I'm calling my chips!
If you like the crispy, crunchy rough bits that are to be found on good roast potatoes you'll love these chips.
An age ago now Jamie Oliver made what he called 'dress the board steak' I remember how good it looked and have been meaning to make it ever since.  But like a lot of things it's getting round to it and last night I did just that.
I used my own version of herbs and stuff to 'dress the board' and of course you can do the same.
  If you're stuck for something for dinner tonight and love steak, this is the way to go! 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Potato and Chorizo Crush with Pan-Fried Chicken and Wilted Spinach

We love chorizo, we love potatoes, so what a marvelous idea I thought it would be to put the two together and make potato and chorizo crush. 
 Served with pan-fried chicken along with spinach that I'd washed, drained then stir- fried in a hot pan along with a little chopped garlic, salt and nutmeg.  
So simple and yet so good. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Lamb with Boulangère Potatoes - Recipe

Melt in the mouth lamb cooked in a lovely rich white wine and rosemary sauce topped with boulangère potatoes.  Potatoes cooked this way soak up the lovely sauce on the bottom and are nice and crispy on top.
Whats not to like? 
Marks and Spencer sell Lamb Boulangère in their 'Bistro' range and after seeing it the other day I thought, I could make that!
It's along the lines of Lancashire hotpot, but the wine and rosemary in the sauce makes it a little bit more fancy.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Potato Wedges with Dunn's River All Purpose Seasoning

Dunn's River all purpose seasoning is a mixture of salt, coriander, paprika, onion, chillies, celery, garlic and pimento - Marvellous stuff I say!
You can use it for so many things, with that in mind I wondered if it would taste nice as a seasoning for potato wedges.  The wedges turned out rather very nice indeedy!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Crispy Potatoes with Chorizo, Lemon and Garlic

Tray baked Crispy Potatoes Roasted with Chorizo, Garlic and Lemon - the flavours together are amazing.
This is truly something wonderful.
What is there not to like?!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Boulangère Potatoes - Potatoes and Onion Baked in the Oven

Liven up you Valentine's Day meal with these melt in your mouth potatoes.  Potatoes cooked in a little stock along with the sweetness from the onions and finished with a lovely crispy, crunchy top.   
So, if you only ever go for making mashed potato, why not try these instead?  Very, very easy to make and they look good too!
A bit like dauphinoise potatoes in the last post, but without the cream. 

Friday, 7 May 2010

Cayenne and Chive Potato Wedges

Nice and crispy outside, soft on the inside and with a nice heat from the Cayenne pepper.  
Nothing else needed apart from a bowl of sour cream and chive dip for dunking.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fondant Potatoes and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken

Some time ago I 'needed' to make fondant potatoes but had no idea what they even looked like never mind how to set about making them. That was until I came across The Cotswold Food Year Blog.

Last night I couldn't think what to make for dinner so looking at what was in my fridge. I've always got potatoes and onions.

I had two chicken breast fillets, Ricotta and some Pancetta, red bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.

To serve 2
Make the chicken:

Crisp up a few slices of Pancetta (or you could use streaky bacon) in a pan and put to one side.
You need two breast fillets with the skin on and about 100g of Ricotta.
Then using your fingers, push the ricotta under the skin of the chicken - bit messy but get as mush as you can under there!
Season with a little salt and some black pepper.
Grate some Parmesan on top of each and put them onto a shallow baking tray.

Preheat your oven to 200C/400F or Gas6

Bake the chicken for about 30 then pop the already crispy Pancetta on top of each breast and cook for another 5 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.

For the Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes:
1 bell pepper - diced
1 onion - diced
1 fat clove of garlic - chopped
a few cherry tomatoes
a little oil and butter
salt and pepper to season

Fry the pepper, onion and garlic in a little oil and butter over a low heat and cook for a good while till they're nice and soft but not coloured. After the first 10 minutes add the tomatoes to the pan too. Season with salt and pepper.
You can keep it on a really low heat or even turn it off while you make the rest of your dinner. Then just heat through and serve.

For the Fondant Potatoes you will need:
6 medium sized potatoes - peeled
a glug of olive oil
40g butter
250ml chicken stock
a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme
salt and freshly ground black pepper

How to do it:

Pre-heat your oven to 200C/400F or Gas 6
Peel and cut the potatoes into even-sized shapes, about 6cm in length, 5cm in width.
Using a sautĂŠ pan that can go into the oven, melt the olive oil over a medium heat, add the potatoes and cook. After five minutes add the butter.

Move the potatoes around a bit and turn them regularly until they are golden brown all over. 

Now add the stock bringing it half way up the potatoes, add the sprigs of thyme.

Put the pan into the oven and cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. 

The stock would have reduced and potatoes should be tender.
Season and serve immediately.

You might like to see my step by step guide to making Fondant Potatoes.