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Spring Summer Men's Fashion - Jacamo

Recently I was given a challenge by Jacamo; to style my man.  Oh yes check me out, food and fashion blogger all in one!

Paul (the husband) was set to do a bit of modeling over the weekend but the weather was and still is horrid.  So instead of waiting another week for the weather to get itself sorted, I decided to just take photos of the clothes instead.  Possibly the best decision since Paul isn't quite supermodel material; although of course he is to me 😉

Anyway, just in case you didn't know, Jacamo is an online men's clothing retailer and also has a great range of footwear, sportswear and accessories.  Big brand names too; Nike, Firetrap, French Connection, Timberland and Pierre Cardin and more.

Back to my challenge:
Here's what we found for Spring, Summer 2017 over at Jacamo.
Paul's a window cleaner and loves to wear shorts; I'm pretty sure if it didn't look too daft he'd wear shorts in the winter too!  So he was well pleased when he discovered Jacamo have such a large range of men's shorts to choose from.

Jo Browns Crazy Cargo Shorts £40 sizes 34 to 54 waist:
Loving these cargo shorts; army based prints with deep pockets, machine washable and easy to iron (on the reverse side).  These shorts are very well made and look like they'd last for years.  By the way the colour is true to life and is called Tobacco.

Jo Browns Crazy Cargo Shorts

He says they're comfortable to wear and are great for a casual look.  I think they'd go nicely with either a plain black, white or perhaps a stone coloured T-shirt.

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