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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Boeuf Bourguignon with Wild Mushrooms

I've made Boeuf Bourguignon in the past and it's been good, but this recipe by Marco Pierre White for Knorr is something truly delicious.  I particularly liked the way the baby onions, bacon and wild mushrooms were cooked at the very end and then poured over as a garnish.  The browned onions were then finished in a little more Port, which can only be a good thing.
My picture doesn't make this dish look anywhere near as tasty as it was.  Hot food and dark nights make everything seriously difficult to photograph! 
Having recently been sent the ingredients from Knorr which arrived all nicely packed and where supplied by Forman and Field my challenge was to make Marco's recipe or come up with something of my own.
Boeuf Bourguignon with Wild Mushrooms sounded and looked good so that's the way I went.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Giveaway - Ingredients for Boeuf Bourguignon in a Box

Boeuf Bourguignon, the perfect dish for cold and dreary nights.  I've kindly been sent the ingredients (supplied by Forman and Field) to make Marco Pierre White's recipe created for Knorr.  They also have a box for me to giveaway which will be won by one lucky reader.  
In the past 18 months or so I've been sent some fantastic seasonal boxes supplied by Forman and Field containing the ingredients to make recipes by Knorr.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Dates and Honey

 You may remember a while back I went to a Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr.  We all loved his idea of using something other than water to dissolve the Knorr stock pot.

Recently I was kindly sent another Seasonal box from Knorr which included two baby chickens and given the challenge to either cook Marco Pierre White's recipe of Spatchcocked Chicken with Chipolatas and Rosemary, or come up with a recipe of my own.....
Inspired by Marco's idea with the Knorr stock pot, I used tomato juice in this 'make it up as I go along recipe'.  Even if I do say so myself, the result was something truly delicious, chicken in a lightly spiced and slightly jammy rich and thick sauce.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Giveaway - Chicken Chasseur Seasonal Box from Knorr

Giveaway - The ingredients to make Marco Pierre White's Chicken Chasseur!
 You may remember a couple of weeks ago I went Marco Pierre White's Masterclass with Knorr?  Well this week I received another lovely seasonal box from Knorr and Forman and Field.  This one contained all the ingredients to make Marco's Chicken Chasseur.
  Marco's Recipe:
I followed the recipe exactly apart from adding a handful of sliced, cooked streaky bacon for the simple reason I had some in the fridge doing nothing.  His recipe is very easy to follow and the meal was really tasty and delicious with a nice amount of sauce. I love the way Marco uses tomato juice to dilute the Knorr stock pot.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

One Pot Cooking with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Last week I was very kindly invited along with around 15 other people including food bloggers and food journalists and Knorr representatives to a 'One Pot Cooking' Masterclass by Marco Pierre White.
Marco showed us how a Knorr stock pot doesn't have to be diluted with water, just use your imagination.....
Depending of course on what you're cooking, you can use fresh carrot, apple, or prune juice either on their own or in a combination with wine or cider.
Knorr stock pots are quite marvelous things!  If you've never tried them before you really should give them a go.  There's no need to faff about making your own stock ever again as they really do taste like 'proper' stock.
In just a couple of minutes you have freshly made stock to use in any recipe requiring stock. 
Marco first made Pumpkin Soup which was delicious.
   Instead of water he used freshly made carrot juice to dilute the vegetable Knorr stock pots.  He pointed out that shop brought carrot juice isn't the same due to the antioxidants they add which alter the flavour.....So now I need a juicer!
   After we'd all eaten the soup we went back into the kitchen to watch Marco make a lovely Asparagus Risotto:
The risotto was totally yummy and we all loved his idea of adding the peelings of the asparagus to the pan with the Knorr stock pot as it was brought to heat to add even more flavour.
 He then passed it through a sieve to remove the unwanted peelings and then used the stock in the usual manner.  It may not sound too amazing but it really makes a difference to the stock pot adding another depth of flavour.

Marco explained how by adding flavours in layers as you cook you a much more professional, tastier dish will be the end result.
Marco added the precooked asparagus tips at the very end of cooking, resulting in a greener fresher taste and look. 
    Now, as if we hadn't all had enough to eat, we once again returned to the kitchen to watch Marco make a really easy creamy Roast Chicken Casserole!
Of course using roast chicken will always result in a much more tasty casserole.  You can of course use the same recipe but make it into a pie for a change.  Two recipes in one!
As he made the recipe he wrote it down for us although you can find the recipe for this and many more over at Knorr.
The chicken casserole was made in no time at all and now it was time for us to try it.....
 Well I didn't meet anyone that found any fault with it - total yum on a plate!
As Marco said, don't be worried about experimenting in the kitchen and remember you don't have to follow any recipe to the last detail.
Don't be afraid to try new things.  Cooking should be fun!
  A massive thank you to Jen and Neil for inviting me along to my second Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr - I loved every minute of it and picked up lots of tips too.
I'll leave you with a few more photos of the day - Click on Continue Reading to view them:

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Leftover Christmas Turkey Curry - MPW Recipe for Knorr

Marco Pierre White has come up with a lovely mild curry recipe using up any leftover Turkey you might have this Christmas.  This exclusive new recipe by Marco won't be available on the Knorr website until December, but I can share it with you now!
 Don't forget Marco has a great range of other recipes over at the Knorr Recipe page on their site. 
 Personally, I'm not a huge fan of fruity curries, but this one was actually really very nice indeed and all the fruit in it has to be good for you!  It's really easy to make and of course you can use leftover chicken if you wish.
Print Marco's Recipe courtesy of Marco Pierre White for Knorr
As of 1st December you will be able to watch Marco making this recipe and get top tips on cooking over at the Knorr website.
I was very kindly sent a truly amazing Seasonal Box from Forman and Field courtesy of Knorr.  Containing not only a Free Range Kelly Bronze Turkey but loads more Fantastic Christmas food!

A BIG thank you to Knorr, Jen and Neil for the fantastic seasonal boxes I've been sent over the past months and the great day we spent with Marco Pierre White.  And of course to Forman and Field for supplying such great food! 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Competition to WIN some Fantastic Christmas Food!

 With Christmas just a matter of a few weeks away, imagine winning this fantastic prize courtesy of Knorr and supplied by  
Forman and Field.
 One lucky person will not only win a Free Range Kelly Bronze Turkey worth £74 but all the trimmings for a perfect dinner will also be included!
But it doesn't stop there! 
Assorted seasonal vegetables (enough to serve 6 people) Keta Caviar and Colston Basset Stilton - yes, and there's more!  An exclusive recipe for Knorr by Marco Pierre White with the extra ingredients to make it! 

A great range of recipes by Marco can be found over at the Knorr Recipe page on their website.  Did you know there is also a range of cooking tips and Marco Pierre White's Masterclass to be found. 

Contents of the Prize are as Follows:
 Fresh Free Range Kelly Bronze Turkey - 4-5kg and serves 8-10
         Trimmings pack (includes Chestnuts, Suffolk Bacon, Stuffing and Chipolatas) - for 6
 Assorted Seasonal Vegetables - serves 6
London Cure Sliced Smoked Salmon - 200g
         Keta Caviar - 100g 
         Colston Bassett Stilton - 500g 
an exclusive recipe for Knorr by Marco Pierre White with the extra ingredients to make it.

Please be sure to read the following information carefully:

*The competition will end at 3pm on Wednesday 30th November 2011 and the winner will be announced here in this post. 
*The winner must be at home (or someone else be there to sign for it) to receive their prize on Wednesday 7th December 2011  - This date can not be changed. 
*The prize can be sent to a work address as long as you are there to sign for it. 

 *I will contact the winner at close of the competition via email.  The winner will need respond before Thursday 1st December (as I will need to forward their delivery details to the supplier, so the prize can be sent out).  
*The prize can only be delivered to a UK address that includes the full postcode.
The winner will be picked at random by the supplier of the competition.
To Enter:
You can either leave a comment below or email me. 
For a 2nd Entry:
Tweet this post using the Tweet button below and tell me you've done so in a separate entry including your Twitter ID
If entering via a comment please make sure I can view your email details so I can contact you if you win.  Some people have theirs hidden, no worries if yours is, but you will then have to contact me if your name is here as the winner at the end of the competition.

Good Luck Everyone! 
Competition now CLOSED!
And the winner is.......Suzy Hill @homelovingal
Congratulations Suzy!!
Thank you to everyone that entered - there were 881 entries in total.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Quick Lamb Stew - by MPW for Knorr

How do you fancy a lamb stew packed full of lovely lamb and veggies ready and on the table in half an hour - prep to finish?
Marco Pierre White has come up with this mouthwatering recipe for Knorr using their NEW herb infusion stock pots.
 This Exclusive recipe by Marco wont be published on the Knorr website until September, but I have it now already!
There's a huge range of yummy recipes using Knorr products that can be found over at their website. You'll also find Marco's hints and tips and video Masterclasses.
How would you like to WIN a Knorr Seasonal Box from Forman and Field containing the ingredients for this recipe including the Lamb and Vegetables plus some fantastic Fish and Knorr products?  
Well you have to be in it to win it as they say!  
You can enter the competition in my previous post here.
For the recipe click continue reading.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

GiveAway - Seasonal Product Box from Knorr and Forman and Field

This Competition is now Closed and the winner will be announced here shortly.  Thank you to all that entered - Good Luck everyone!  
And the WINNER is Catherine from the food blog Noble Nourishment
Please contact me Catherine with your address! 

Read on to enter the GIVEAWAY!
A while back you might remember reading that I was very kindly invited by Knorr to a Masterclass with Marco Pierre White.  After the Masterclass I was sent a seasonal product box to cook yummy things with.
I've since been sent another fantastic product box and the contents are amazing!  Lovely Fish, Meat and Produce from Forman and Field and of course some lovely Knorr products to.
I will be shortly posting an Exclusive recipe by Marco Pierre White for Knorr made with the lamb and vegetables from my box.
Now - One Lucky Person will have a Chance to WIN one of these Seasonal Boxes!
So easy to enter and the answer can be found over at the Knorr website.
 Please note the contents of the winners box should be the same as above and as follows although may be substituted by Forman and Field:
  • Smoked Trout Fillets
  • London Cure Sliced Smoked Salmon
  • Neck of Lamb Fillet
  • Baby Leeks
  • Baby Carrots
  • Large Spring Onion Bulbs
  • Bay Leaves
  • Sprigs of Thyme
  • Fresh Peas
  • Various Knorr Products
For a Chance to WIN - Please leave your answer to the following question in a comment:

'What is the Name of the Chef that has Developed Recipes for Knorr'?

For a second chance to win: 
Please Tweet this post using the button below and comment with your twitter ID telling me you have done so.

For a third chance to win:  
Please 'Like' my Facebook page and leave a comment here (NOT ON FACEBOOK) to tell me you have done so.

The competition will run until Friday 9th September at 12 noon.  The winner will be picked at random by the promoter and will be announced here on this page.  I will also email the lucky winner if they have left an email address.  Anyone entering as 'anonymous' must leave contact details.
 This competition box can only be sent to an address in the UK only. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Spatchcock Chicken with Aubergine, Roasted Tomatoes and Feta

Readers of this blog will remember the fantastic day I had back in May with Marco Pierre White and Knorr along with a lovely bunch of other food bloggers.
Now, as if the day wasn't already just the best day out ever, there was more to come!  We were told we'd be sent three Seasonal British produce boxes courtesy of Knorr.  As I was about to go on holiday, mine was sent a little later and arrived at the end of last week.
  Well, what a treat!  The box was huge and filled with lovely fresh Organic meat from The Well Hung Meat Company, Organic Vegetables and herbs from Rod and Ben's and some Knorr stock cubes.  It was hard to take a picture but buried beneath those beetroot leaves are potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and courgettes!
  Marco Pierre White uses these stock cubes to season meat, poultry and fish which really works well.  All you do is mix a small amount of olive oil with a Knorr stock cube and mix to make a paste.  He then adds a few finely chopped herbs, mixes and spreads over the meat and cooks on a griddle. 
So what to cook with all this fantastic meat and veg??!!
Marco has just released his latest recipe 'Spatchcocked Poussin with Aubergine'.  I loved the look of anyway, but I added roasted tomatoes and some crumbled feta.  It worked really well.  Marco's recipe for this can be found over at the Knorr website along with a whole lot more great recipes too!
I used a small chicken to make this instead of Poussin. 
I'll be sure to let you know what I make with the rest of this lovely seasonal box.
A big thank you again to Jen, Knoor, The Well Hung Meat Company and Rod and Ben's.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Griddled Tuna Steaks with a Tomato Caper and Olive Dressing

A while back I went to a Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr and Marco cooked a lovely tuna dish.  The very next day I made it myself and have been meaning to post it ever since.  
So very easy to do and not only tastes good but looks good too.
To be honest you want smaller tomatoes that I could get at the time - just because they'd look better.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr - the Video

Readers of this blog will remember, a couple of weeks ago I went to the 
'Best of British' Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr.  
Well here's a short video of the day!

Thank you again to Marco Pierre White and Knorr and of course Jen, Alastair and Neil for inviting me along.  

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pan-fried Chicken with Lemon and Thyme

Oooh now, this is another scrummy recipe just like my previous post it uses a Knorr stock cube made into a paste. Marco Pierre White did this recipe at his Masterclass for Knorr last week - you can read my blog post here.
However, I didn't have chicken fillets with the skin on - but the taste is the same. In a word.....Delicious!
Simple skinless chicken fillet, pan-fried and all done ready to serve in about 15 minutes.
And that includes making the paste and heating up your pan - can't be bad!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Curried Chicken with Watercress - Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Readers of this blog will know from my previous post I recently spent the day with Marco Pierre White courtesy of Knorr.  Marco makes a paste with Knorr stock cubes and olive oil and uses it as a seasoning for meat, chicken or fish.
 We were given Marco's recipe for Curried Chicken with Watercress.  It won't be available on the Knorr website until next month, but we've been given permission to publish it now!  It's really very easy to make too.
Of course my picture isn't anything like as good as the professional one that will be on their website!
  I served this with baby new potatoes - simple but oh so very nice.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Like myself, have you ever wondered, does 3 Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White really use Knorr stock cubes?  Well I can tell you he does!  
After very kindly being invited to 'Best of British' Masterclass with Marco in his restaurant 'Marco' in London, I got to see just how he uses Knorr stock cubes.
He makes a seasoning paste from them - what a marvelous idea!
So easy too!  He just crumbles a Knorr stock cube into a bowl and adds a little olive oil, then mixes well to form a paste.  
To make a paste for steak Marco mixed a Knorr stock cube with a little olive oil and added a some finely chopped rosemary.  He smeared this over each steak before cooking on a grill pan.
The rib-eye steak he cooked tasted so, so good!
Marco then made a paste for chicken but added grated lemon zest to the paste instead of rosemary.  
Of course, as he said, you can add whatever you fancy.  For example, if you like cayenne pepper, add that instead of the lemon zest.
When the chicken was cooked it was amazing - chicken breast - skin on. Perfectly crispy skin, despite him insisting the way to make the skin crispy on either chicken or duck, was by putting it into a COLD pan!
Neither the other blogger's or I had ever heard of such a thing.  But in front of our eyes he did it.  Totally crispy and so very tasty from the Knorr seasoning he'd put on it before cooking.  
Marco put the chicken into a COLD pan - skin side down and let it heat up slowly.  The fat starts to cook, rendering it down.  But the chicken doesn't cook hardly at all at this point - keeping it lovely and moist.  Then the heat is turned up before turning the chicken over.  He then put the pan into the oven for about 5 minutes to finish off the cooking.  
Of course a quick check is needed to make sure the chicken is cooked though and if not, just return to the stove top to continue cooking.  A couple of minutes will do the job nicely.  
 Just a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil before serving and the end result was oh so good!
 Marco then went on to cook tuna - again using a Knorr stock cube as a  seasoning.  He cooked two tuna steaks, one with salt and one with a Knorr paste.  
We all agreed the tuna seasoned with Knorr tasted far better.   
I've since cooked his tuna recipe myself and although my pictures are in no way as good as this professional one - I'll share the recipe with you in post in the very near future.
Doesn't that dressing look amazing?!
 As you can see below, everyone of us had a great time and found Marco to be such a lovely person.  
He really was genuinely interested in us all, and answered our questions in great detail.  Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him, or his staff at his restaurant.  
The kind people from Knorr were very friendly and welcoming too.   
 The day was filmed too for the Knorr website.  The picture below was taken by myself and shows the camera crew:
You can see a fantastic selection of Marco's Masterclasses and recipes using Knorr over at the Knorr website.
We all had a lovely dinner after wards in Marco's restaurant.  I had steak which was cooked to absolute perfection.  Indeed the best steak I think I've ever had.
Marco kindly signed our 'Knorr' aprons for us:
 Next month on the Knorr website, Marco will be cooking 'Curried Chicken with Watercress' and as I've already been given the recipe, I've already cooked it.
It was delicious!  More about that in the next post.....
 For now, here's a taster (not literally)....just a picture sorry!
Picture courtesy of Knorr  - you didn't really think this was one of 'my' pictures did you?!! 
I'd like to say a massive thank you to Knorr, Marco Pierre White, Jen, Alastair and Neil for such a fantastic day.