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Shropshire Blue Welsh Rarebit Recipe

Shropshire Blue Welsh Rarebit is of course perfect for topping toasted bread which is more on the traditional side. But, it's also totally delicious spooned over a hot jacket potato.  The addition of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce adds a lovely warming tang to any variation of the a Welsh rarebit recipe. 

As long as you use a nice strongish tasting cheese it will do the job, you can use Stilton or of course a nice extra matured Cheddar, any cheeses in that category that takes your fancy should be good.

Over-Stuffed Cheesy Bacony Jacket Potatoes

Stuffed Jacket Potatoes with Melty Cheese, Tomatoes and Bacon Pieces - totally delicious. 
Great as a side dish or as a meal served with a nice green salad.

Over-Stuffed Cheesy Bacony Jacket Potatoes

So what variety of Potatoes should you use?
First off you must start with the right kind and size of potato.  You need a floury variety. Maris Piper, King Edward or Marfona will do the trick.  Waxy potatoes just don't work. 

Perfect Jacket Potato

A perfectly cooked jacket potato should be crispy and salty on the outside and white and fluffy on the inside.  
A jacket potato (or baked potato) should be served so hot you have to blow on every forkful.  
 Once they're cooked, make a cross with a knife in the top.  
Add a huge dollop of butter and a probably an unhealthy amount of salt....... 
It all goes to making every mouthful delicious.
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