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Edible Flowers - Using Them Day to Day

Whenever you ask most people about flowers, they will probably talk to you about how good they would look in a garden or vase on a window ledge or mantelpiece. However, many types and species of flower have more going for them than just looks. Many of them can be used for culinary purposes, with some rather pleasant results. Many herbs, fruits and vegetables are officially flowers, although they have been used in recipes for centuries and are widely recognised as being part of cuisines worldwide.

 Photo courtesy of Parvin

Zucchini (courgette)
Artichoke, orange, lemon, lime, parsley and basil are, to many people’s surprise, actually flowers. However, it’s the more obscure ones that are perceived to only have ornamental qualities that are growing in popularity because they work as either a standalone ingredient or as an integral part of a salad, dessert, sauce or even drink.

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