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MiiXR Vortex Mixer - Charges your Devices while you Workout

MiiXR by PROMiXX™ is a beautifully designed Vortex Protein Mixer and lifestyle bottle that will charge your devices while you workout.

Absolutely smashing it's Kickstarter target MiiXR is in the top 1% of Kickstarter campaigns ever, having received $152,936 from 2326 backers, after pledging only $30,000 - fantastic!

MiiXR Protein Mixer Bottle

Can your sports bottle, shaker or blender do this?!
Charge MiiXR using your mobile phone lead but the best thing is once charged MiiXR can charge your devices while you're in the gym or on the go.

Check out this video to see just what this shaker bottle can do.  On watching the video and reading about it I think MiiXR is a brilliant product, but I'll be reviewing one soon so I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.


MiiXR Protein Mixer Bottle- Black and Orange

Available in some eye catching colours; personally I'm loving the black and orange but then again I think all white is cool too.

The motor connects with magnets but is completely detachable and the lid seal on tightly so you wont have any leaks. MiiXR is made from Tritan, a BPA-free plastic that's impact-resistant so won't break if you happen to drop it.  I'm really looking forward to reviewing this product.

For more information pop over to the PROMiXX website.

Twitter @promixxmixer

Disclosure: I did not receive any form of payment to write this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Strawberry Blueberry and Apple Vitamin Drink - Sage by Heston Nutri Juicer

Strawberries, Blueberries and Apple are a great combination and make a thirst quenching vitamin packed healthy juice drink.  The Nutri Juicer from Sage by Heston Blumenthal makes juicing easy and I'm so pleased to have been sent one.

Since my mission to loose 9lb in 9 weeks my eating habits have changed and, as an update, I have actually managed to loose 4lb in 4 weeks not too amazing but at least I'm on track!

Fresh fruit is packed with nutrients, so my juicer was out of the box, all parts cleaned, instructions read and then after a quick trip to the shop to pick up some fruit I was ready to make juice.

Weetabix Breakfast Smoothie with Berries and Chia Seeds - Lose 9lb in 9 Weeks

For anyone that doesn't know,I am trying to loose 9lb in 9 weeks.  Can I do it?  I say yes I can!  Why 9 weeks; because we going on holiday and I want to look better.
Although we don't eat junk food and do eat more veg than I care to mention.  BUT we do love cheese and eat far too much of it and it has to stop.  Not entirely but we do need to cut down, not just to lose weight but to stay healthy.


Everyone knows that eating a lot of bread is a sure way of piling on the pounds and usually for breakfast I have two slices of toast.  On the days I go to work in my morning break I have another slice of toast.  We get 15 minute break which isn't time to eat properly but I know I could do better, it's just for quickness I think.

At weekends when I'm not working we (me and Paul the husband) have a bacon and egg sandwich and that too has to stop.

Kinetico - FREE Simple Water Recipes eBook

Water is of course essential for life, but most of us probably don't drink enough of it.  It is recommended that we drink more than a litre a day; but you may prefer water with a hint of flavour to it.  Shop bought flavoured waters can be full of sugar so I find it's far better for you to make your own.

My Carrot and Orange water is very simple to make as are the other recipes in the Kinetico eBook.  The Simple Water Recipe Book is FREE to download and share - click here.

Kinetico are World NO.1 in water treatment and have the largest dealer network in the UK.  They have a range of water softeners and water filter systems to suit your needs for perfectly filtered water on tap 24/7
and can also filter your tap water to reduce the hardness, ions, calcium and magnesium, in your water and helps to prevent limescale build-up in your kettle, iron and food steamer, keeping them in pristine condition for longer.  Water will be better for you and your family to drink too.

To find out more about pop over to the Kinetico website.

Twitter @KineticoUKltd

Disclaimer: I received payment for my time creating a couple of recipes for the eBook.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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