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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Grow Your Own Veg!

With food prices getting more and more expensive these days - why not pop over to Love the and get inspired to Grow Your Own?!

Grow your own infographic from
LoveTheGarden have a FaceBook page too!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm Growing Herbs and Vegetables!

I must be getting old - no I am getting old!
I've started to grow things, herbs and tomatoes and other stuff too.
We only have a small garden but would have more room if we didn't have a pond. So when my mum was here with us last week we went to the garden centre and I saw this greenhouse type thing, which she bought for me - thanks mum!

Amazing, I can now grow things - are you impressed?!
I have spring onions happening, well not yet, but they will be as they are in the green tray you can see top left.
Then garlic and jalapeno peppers parsley, basil, thyme, coriander and chives.
The pot of basil was already grown up when I bought it by the way!

Then a lot of tomatoes - Cherry and ordinary tomatoes too.

I got a bit carried away in the garden centre as the tomato plants were a bargain! So I need to buy two more pots for two of them. I know they can stay in here for too long but they'll be fine till they start to grow.
I have sage, organo and rosemary in large pot elsewhere in the garden - so I've got a right little green grocers stall going on.
I also have bell peppers and tarragon that is growing from seed indoors for the time being - yes I've got carried away!