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Friday, 18 May 2012

Crispy Parmesan Crumbed Chicken Caesar Salad

Classic Chicken Caesar salad is yummy, but I wanted something a bit different.  So with that in mind I coated the chicken in a crispy Parmesan crumb and that did it, it became something truly wonderful indeed.
 You can read my previous post on how to make the Perfect Salad Dressing.

 Now, I know that to most (myself included) anchovies aren't the nicest thing in the world to eat.  But of course you can't make Caesar dressing without them and as they're so finely chopped up you wouldn't notice them apart from they are vital to the taste of a Caesar dressing so you can not leave them out! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to Make The Perfect Salad Dressing

The Perfect way to Dress a Salad with 'Perfect Dressing' made by Trudeau.
There are three recipes printed on the side of the glass enabling you to create the perfect dressing easily and in just a couple of minutes.
 Just add the ingredients, shake and serve.
Easy to pour drop-free spout which closes to keep the dressing fresh.
The glass can of course go into the dishwasher or simply be washed by hand in hot soapy water, rinsed and dried.
 Add all the ingredients then snap the lid tightly shut.....
Give it all a good shake to mix and you have the perfect dressing every time.
 All in all this really is the way to go with salad dressings, it's stylish, easy to use, washes up nicely and there's no more guessing amounts as you just following the recipe on the side of the jar so you don't even have to hunt out a recipe! 

The Caesar salad dressing went perfectly with my Parmesan Crispy Coated Chicken.
For more information and to buy pop over to Top Gourmet
Thank you to Pam for sending me this to review.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dress the Board Pan-fried Chicken and some rather nice chips

This is along the lines of Jamie Oliver's Dress the Board Steak that I made the other day using my choice of ingredients.  
What a marvellous idea I thought it would be to chop different dressing ingredients then add them to pan-fried chicken.
Served with my home made crunchy chips and a little salad, you have a nice easy meal ready in no time at all.
Parsley, Garlic, Lemon, Red Chilli, Honey and Spring Onion....Yum!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jamie's Dress the Board Steak with my Roughed up Chips

Yes you read right, roughed up chips is what I'm calling my chips!
If you like the crispy, crunchy rough bits that are to be found on good roast potatoes you'll love these chips.
An age ago now Jamie Oliver made what he called 'dress the board steak' I remember how good it looked and have been meaning to make it ever since.  But like a lot of things it's getting round to it and last night I did just that.
I used my own version of herbs and stuff to 'dress the board' and of course you can do the same.
  If you're stuck for something for dinner tonight and love steak, this is the way to go! 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Griddled Tuna Steaks with a Tomato Caper and Olive Dressing

A while back I went to a Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr and Marco cooked a lovely tuna dish.  The very next day I made it myself and have been meaning to post it ever since.  
So very easy to do and not only tastes good but looks good too.
To be honest you want smaller tomatoes that I could get at the time - just because they'd look better.