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Bajan Prawn Tacos with Pink Florida Grapefruit Avocado and Black Beans

Florida Grapefruit has teamed up with celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine to create a number of simple, delicious recipes that use Florida Grapefruit.

Florida Grapefruit is a great way to brighten up your winter diet.  I had a go at making one of Gizzi's recipes and I must say these Bajan Prawn Tacos were really, really tasty.  As Paul (the husband) doesn't eat prawns I did the very same recipe but used chicken instead and it worked well.  A lovely mix of spiciness that works really well with the other ingredients. 

Bajan Prawn Tacos

Florida Grapefruit is like no other as it isn't bitter in taste.  Because of  Florida’s unique climate that includes both tropical and subtropical attributes, as well as sandy soil perfectly suited for citrus trees, that receive over 130 cm of rain per year; this makes Florida Grapefruit sweeter and juicier than their Mediterranean counterparts.


Caribbean Food Week 2014

Did you know this week (18th to 25th August) is Caribbean Food Week?
Organised by Grace Foods UK, the week leads up to the famous Notting Hill Carnival.  Featuring nationwide sampling, in-store promotional offers, prize competitions and a social media campaign, the week presents the perfect opportunity for people all over the UK to try their hand at Caribbean cuisine.

Since launching in 2012, Caribbean Food Week has continued to grow as more and more people get adventurous with their cooking.

Having been sent some lovely products from Grace Foods UK I'll soon be cooking up some nice Caribbean food.

Very Lazy Caribbean Chicken!

English have recently added another cooking concentrate to their 'Very Lazy' range of cooking concentrates 'Caribbean Chicken'. 
I must admit I don't usually buy ready made sauces etc, but having tasted this I will be buying it again.  It was honestly and truly delicious, we loved it - very nice and spicy!  Just the thing for when you're in a hurry too.  All you need to add is chicken, pineapple pieces and coconut milk and in 20 minutes you have a lovely, very tasty dinner - just serve with rice. 
Caribbean chicken is a doddle!
 Very Lazy Creamy Chicken and Posh Sausage Casserole were the first to hit the supermarket shelves and now there's Very Lazy Beef Stoganoff too.
Thank you to Joanna for sending me some to try.
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