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Tiny Food Party - Book Review

Bite-size recipes for miniature meals.  In a word this book is amazing and is packed full of the kind of food I love.
Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park share dozens of quick and easy recipes for bite-size munchies.

A fantastic 'must have' book for Christmas, New Year and indeed any other party occasion you might be having.  Nice conversion chart at the back of the book - American, Imperial and Metric.
I love the 'Little Menus' that you can follow if you're stuck for ideas on what goes with what and this includes 'All Vegetarian Menu' too.

Pure Vanilla - Book Review

Yet another beautifully presented and very well written book by US food blogger Shauna Sever.

Pure Vanilla
Shauna is also the author of Marshmallow Madness - which I reviewed a while back.

The Cookie Dough Lover's CookBook - Review

It has to be said I never knew there were so many things you could make with cookie dough!  I assumed cookies were made and that was that.

This is a hard-backed book in note pad style.  Published by Quirk Books and written by Lindsay Landis.

There are quick tips and suggestions on most pages which are really useful.  I love the Measurement, Equivalences and Temperature chart at the front.  

Although the equivalent 'cup' measurement is shown as being 16 tablespoons (bit of a faff all that measuring) so my top tip would be to put 16 tablespoons of flour or sugar into two different cups and remember where it comes to - then you'll be sorted and ready to cook!

Book Review and a Competition to Win - Marshmallow Madness

Who doesn't like marshmallow?  Have you ever wondered how they're made?
This book is shows you all you need to know about marshmallows and how to make them.  Seriously fantastic flavour combos that you'd never thought a marshmallow could have.   Fluffy, Puffy Desserts.  Sticky, Gooey Treats Made with Mallow!

Yes, there's a section on mallow desserts too and even desserts made drinkable to dunk your marshmallows into.  And who'd have thought of  Malibu flavoured marshmallows?  Well of course the author Shauna Sever did!  Shauna is just so talented to come up with the truly fantastic ideas she has in this book.  Even the cover of this book is squashy and puffy - just like a marshmallow!

You can also learn how to shape marshmallows into wonderful lollipops and twisted ropes.
All in all a great book really worth buying if you aren't lucky to win a copy.
For a chance to WIN a copy of 'Marshmallow Madness':
 *Simply Leave a Comment for this Post Below.

*For a second entry follow me on Twitter @GlugofOil and tell me in a separate comment below that you've done so.

*For a third entry 'Like' A Glug of Oil FaceBook page and tell me in a separate comment below that you've done so.

Please note the following:
The book can be sent to a UK address only.
The winner will be picked at random at 3pm on Monday 5th March by the promoter of the competition.  Any Anonymous entries that don't contain a Twitter ID, FaceBook username or email address (so that I'm able to contact you if you win) will not be entered into the draw.

Good Luck Everyone!
Published by Quirk Books.  Thank you Mat at PGUK Publishers Group UK for sending me a copy and supplying a competition copy.

 This Competition has now ended and the winner was picked using an online number generator.

And the WINNER is.......Nicola - Congratulations Nicola!


Weight Watchers Cinnamon and Cider Baked Apples

With the Weight Watchers ProPoints system you can have this delicious Cinnamon and Cider Baked Apple dessert and even have a scoop of light vanilla ice cream with it too.  

The new Weight Watchers book 'Complete Kitchen' is easy to follow and there are no tricky cooking instructions or strange ingredients.  Just a book packed full of seriously nice looking dishes and is the ultimate guide to cooking food the Weight Watchers way.  

With 145 simple-to-follow recipes within nine chapters - ranging from basic stocks & dressings to Sunday roasts, leftovers & sides, to the more budget conscious ‘Everyday Value.’  
Recipes include roast fillet of beef with red wine sauce, garlic mushroom and rustic bean bruschetta and chocolate cherry cupcakes and these lovely cinnamon and cider baked apples.


Jamie's Great Britain - Book Review

As you probably know Jamie Oliver's latest book titled 'Jamie's Great Britain' is out.  You can see the TV series to accompany the book, which starts Tuesday 25th October at 9pm on Channel 4 and I will be tuning in.

Now, this book isn't all traditional English food as I thought it would be.  Might be just me but that's what I was expecting.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it isn't, because as I do like a bit of variety!

As it says in the book: It's more 'British' food that a result of centuries of invasion, exploration, colonisation and immigration which has created a unique and wonderful food culture within our small island home. 

That said, inside the book you will find classics such as Steak and Kidney Pudding that has Marmalade and Cheddar listed in the ingredients, which although sounds a bit odd, I bet it's good.  It certainly looks it!

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food and Cook-Along Too

Hungry?  The recipe book by 'Innocent' is full of lovely looking recipes that are not only quick, but easy too. This book shows you how to make delicious healthy food at home and get the kids involved in the kitchen at the same time.  

We don't have any children but if we did I'd be sure to get them in that kitchen, and get cooking as early as possible!! 

I personally think too many parents (of course not all) feed their kids junk food.  With most, I believe it's just a case of simply not knowing how to cook in the first place.  Your whole family will benefit health-wise from you learning to cook a few basic recipes and cooking yourself is far, far cheaper than buying ready meals. 

Jamie Oliver's latest book titled - Jamie Does

Jamie Oliver's new book titled 'Jamie does...Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece and France' goes on sale 15th April and I've been lucky enough to have been sent a copy!

I have to say, this book is in my opinion, his best book yet. It's packed full of the most fantastic recipes and just reading it, makes you want to eat them.  I'll soon be posting a couple here, so watch this space!

Thank you Peter for sending me the book.
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