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Hofmeister Lager is Back - Review and Giveaway

Yes indeed Hofmeister is back!  Helles lager is slow-brewed colder and longer than most other beers today. Hofmeister is brewed in Bavaria Germany using natural mineral water.

Hofmeister is made according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot German Beer Purity Law, which states that only three ingredients can be used to make beer. And while using so few ingredients doesn’t make things easy, it does result in an incredible lager.

Bottles of Hofmeister Lager

So what did we think?
This light golden coloured lager is easy to drink, nice and refreshing and when poured into a glass it has a nice frothy head. Yep we love it, especially Paul (the husband) as used to drink Hofmeister years ago so he's certainly glad to see it back!

Where to Buy:
Currently, you can buy Hofmeister over at Amazon or via their Shopify page. Please drink responsibly.
For more info pop over to the Hofmeister website.

You can find Hofmeister on social media:
Twitter: @hofmeister_beer
Facebook: @hofmeisterbeer
Instagram: hofmeister_beer


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