Lime and Chilli Dip

I fancied making a dip to go with breaded chicken wrapped in soft chilli & jalapeno tortilla's.
I personally am a fan of the ones made by 'Discovery', they're not too hot - just right.

Now, I can't do with 'not too hot' so made a dip that was!
Seriously, this dip doesn't have to be too hot - just adjust the chilli you put in.

I always use 'Hellmanns' mayonnaise;
You will need:
8 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 lime - the zest and juice of
a little lemon juice - not quite half a lemon
2 red chillies - de-seeded and finely chopped
black pepper to taste
So simple to make:
Mix the mayonnaise, lime zest and juice, lemon juice together. Stir in the chopped chillies, a little at a time, until you get the taste that's right for you. Mix in a little black pepper and your all done.


  1. Sounds delicious & Awesome... nice entry.. Great click... thxs for sharing dear..

  2. Well, now we know where you get your limes from!

    Nice dippy-dip.

  3. The dip sounds hot, hot, hot!
    Lovely photo.

  4. I think this dip can go with a lot of things. Definitely a keeper.

  5. Discovery makes the best wrap tortillas and Hellman's makes the best mayo next to homemade that is!!! Looks delish as always Jan!

  6. Sounds good, but HOT, HOT! I would like it tho! Much love, Raquel XO

  7. This sounds delicious! I love spicy things!!

  8. where are you put up in london? i am in Richmond, london.

  9. I like spicy, this sounds good.

  10. Love this dip! I agree that Hellmann's is the way to go when it comes to mayonnaise. I love your use of chilies ... it's that combo of creamy and heat that I love!

  11. Hellmanns - you mean there are other brands of mayo?!? :o)

    Dip looks yummy - in fact, the whole meal sounds great!


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