Six Quirky Things About Me!

Jeannie from Cook Sister! has tagged me for a 6 quirky things meme. Pop over to her blog to have a look, you'll love it!

Here goes!

1 I have to have lots of onions in my onion basket in the kitchen at ALL times - If I run low on them (I mean down to the last 8) I have a panic attack!
2 I never ate a Sunday roast until I was about 23 but now I love them.
3 If I hang a towel in the bathroom or on the line to air the label HAS to be at the back and on the right hand side.......Now I can see you all getting really worried about me!
4 My hair has to be washed every single day of the year without fail. I was once in hospital and attached to a drip. A really kind nurse saved me from certain panic and washed it for me while I was still attached to the drip!
5 I've gone my whole life miss-spelling the word cucumber. It was only when I started blogging and typed the word the spell checker put me right.......I was always spelling it cuecumber.......not very bright am I?!
6 If the house gets too untidy I start to feel 'tricky' and poor Paul gets moaned at!
I have to nominate 6 other people, so I will go for: Marie, Jan, Raquel, Mike, Chris and Sue.
Let me know when you have posted so I can link your post to mine.


Marie said…
Fun reading these things about you Jan! You are really quirky! haha. I have done mine and posted it already. Thanks for tagging me!
Never can have too many onions, now can you - lol?

Interesting, you wash your hair everyday? I couldn't do that at all. Black folks need the oils that our hair scalp produces. If we washed it everyday, we'd wash out those oils and our hair would be very dry. I wash about every three days though because we also use a lot of products on our hair. I use natural products - but it can cause a bit of a build up if you don't wash every three days or so!

nicisme said…
I'm with you on number 1, there's gonna be a meltdown here if there's no onions!!!
Sue said…
I'll do my best on the quirky questions Jan.
Jan said…
I'm with you on number 3, towel label must go at the back.

Re no.4 If I washed my hair everyday it would be like straw.

Re no. 6, I used to get like that, but no longer. I've learnt to live with untidiness.

BTW, I'll play, but I don't have any quirks. ;-)
Jeanne said…
LOL - great list! I get panicky if I have no cheese in the house. And WOW on washing your hair every day... And I'm not sure there is a married women in the world who doesn't turn into a bit of a nag if hubby leaves the house untidy!!

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